Inclusive Manchester

Manchester is an outward facing, modern, diverse and inclusive city. Our citizens speak over 200 languages and have diasporic connections across the world. The globally connected population is a crucial element of the import and export of culture and ideas that has characterised the development of our city since the industrial revolution. Manchester’s commitment to equality and diversity is part of its fabric; the city has championed equality for generations and has famously been home to several inclusion figureheads.  With an increasingly diverse population with a wealth of characters, cultures and contributions, the city has so much to celebrate. By working with different communities to promote their identities and achievements, the city aims to improve the lives of all people and become a vibrant, inclusive region where all feel welcome. 

Inclusive Events

The events industry has a fundamental role to play to ensure all people are welcome, represented and valued at events around the world to develop stronger communities, increase participation and generate more meaningful engagements. In addition, embedding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into event design has the potential to accelerate important ambitions for the industry in areas such as sustainability and fulfilling positive event legacy and impact.

Our friends at VisitBritain Business Events have partnered with New Intent to create this future events pathway to support our understanding of the importance and implementation of DEI in event design.


Neurodiversity refers to the natural variation in the human brain and how people process information and perceive the world around them. This includes conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia, and other neurodevelopmental differences. Understanding neurodiversity in workforces, members, and delegates allows you to accommodate the unique needs of neurodiverse individuals, establishing environments that enable everyone to feel valued and to contribute their full potential. By Embracing neurodiversity, the business events industry can attract the strengths of a wider pool of talent and foster a more innovative and dynamic industry culture. 

Neuroinclusivity in Events - The Neu Project

The Neu Project is a diverse, global community working together to make the world more welcoming and productive for neurodivergent communities. Starting with event spaces and then moving to partnerships in other areas of hospitality, workplaces and beyond, its goal is to amplify existing methods while encouraging new practical approaches to inclusion. The website has useful tools including An Event Professional's Guide to Neuroinclusion and The Neuroinclusive Planning Checklist


Euan's Guide

Euan’s Guide features a host of reviews by people with disabilities on venues and attractions across Greater Manchester and how they meet their needs, and the services offered.
Euan's Guide | Manchester

Accessible Transport

Greater Manchester has a range of accessible transport options so that everyone can get around. Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) provides information and advice on using the different kinds of transport on offer.
TfGM Accessibility Hub

Mission: Accessible – Manchester

Join Rosie Jones and Mike Wozniak as they explore some of the best things to do in Manchester for Freya, a sports star with muscular dystrophy, as part of Channel 4’s Mission: Accessible series.