Sustainability and Green Meetings

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are rightly gaining momentum in the meeting and events industry. With a growing amount of companies looking to holistically incorporate their organisational values into their business model, meeting and event planners are turning to green meetings to help reinforce the importance of environmental consciousness. 

The Manchester Convention Bureau is here to assist you in aligning your event with your own organisation’s green objectives, helping to run your meeting in a more sustainable way and leaving a positive legacy for all involved.

In this section you’ll find a wealth of useful information including sustainable conference venues, green transport options for delegates and useful tools for planning your event. 

Greater Manchester has set an ambitious target of achieving net carbon neutrality by 2038. This can be achieved through the combined efforts of people working across the region to address global challenges while protecting and enhancing the natural environment. People across the public, private and education sectors in Greater Manchester are playing a leading role in developing low carbon solutions for: smart energy, retrofitting, transport, green innovation, natural environment, aviation, green finance, and green skills/jobs. Find out more at our website Greener Greater Manchester.

Green Meetings

Manchester's Target of Net Zero