Bespoke Bid Production

We understand that it’s often necessary for you to submit a competitive bid to host a congress – particularly for national and international associations and major events. The Manchester Convention Bureau has a complimentary bid-writing service which can assist in the production of high-quality bespoke bid documentation in a variety of formats.

We can consult with you to create concise expressions of interest, design compelling presentations, and produce full-scale, complex destination bids. 

We can act as the link between your organising committee and the destination. Our extensive knowledge of Manchester and experience in successfully bidding for conferences allows us to assist you every step of the way. All our work is undertaken in collaboration with our network of partner organisations, hotels and venue operators across the city.

Ready to plan your event in Manchester? Start by submitting a request for a proposal with the Manchester Convention Bureau. Discover how our experts can help you create a customised and successful event that exceeds your expectations. Begin your journey to a memorable experience in this vibrant city…

Typical Association Bid Process