CSR and Volunteering Opportunities

Would you like to do your bit during your event in Manchester? Would you like to give back to the community and leave a lasting legacy?

The following corporate social responsibility (CSR), team building and volunteering opportunities can help to offset the impact of business tourism, cement global citizenship credentials and have a good time while doing it. These community organisations look forward to working with you to create an experience that benefits your corporate and association objectives, their current needs and most importantly, your volunteers.

Sow the City

Sow the City is a Manchester-based social enterprise. It’s a not-for-profit company with a mission to empower communities to grow and live sustainably. It provides projects for the public, private and voluntary sector, as well as running events, workshops, research and conducting consultancy services.

Corporate volunteering days are a great opportunity for an organisation to have fun together, develop teamwork skills, and give back to the local community. Your team can get their hands dirty, help to plant trees, clear a plot of land, construct a wildlife pond and loads more green tasks.

  • Choose from over 60 community and school projects and help those most in need across Greater Manchester

  • A member of the Sow the City team will lead the event to help you to achieve your team goal and ensure you get the most out of the day

  • We can work with small or larger groups and provide all of the necessary materials, tools and equipment

  • Sow the City can organise catering and refreshments on the day to help keep your energy levels high

  • You will receive a follow up feedback report and team photographs demonstrating the positive impact you have made to the local community

  • Half day corporate volunteering sessions start at £20.00 per volunteer

  • All profits are reinvested into Making Manchester a healthier and greener city.

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City of Trees

City of Trees is delivering a green recovery and tackling the climate emergency head on, through planting trees and restoring woodlands for the people and wildlife of Greater Manchester.

Working with communities, organisations, and businesses to build an ambitious movement, City of Trees is dedicated to planting 3 million trees, one for every person across Greater Manchester, within 5 years.

City of Trees Activities and Green Away Days

If you are interested in offering corporate volunteering opportunities for visiting conference delegates, whether that's tree planting, woodland management, orchard creation and more, then City of Trees can help.

Taking part in practical activities as a group is a great way for event participants to experience team building in the great outdoors, whilst making a real difference to the environment, wildlife and local communities.

City of Trees’ Green Away Days are private, bespoke sessions. Activities can be run all year round and depend on the season; in winter they could be planting trees, and in summer doing some 'Tree-LC' or wildflower planting. City of Trees do their best to accommodate a location suitable to you, but this will depend on what projects they have going on at the time. 

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Groundwork Greater Manchester is working to create a greener, more resilient city region with stronger, healthier communities, responsible businesses and enhanced prospects for all local people.

Groundwork requests a donation towards corporate volunteering days; this helps ensure that events are thoroughly planned and volunteer time is maximised, generating the best possible outcome for the local community.

Groundwork provide challenges suitable for a variety of teams, whilst also helping people and places benefit from the skills of your employees and participants. It works flexibly with businesses to understand their need and bridge the gap between the corporate world and neighbourhood needs.

Groundwork requests a donation towards corporate volunteering days; this helps ensure that events are thoroughly planned and volunteer time is maximised, generating the best possible outcome for the local community.

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Open Kitchen Manchester

Open Kitchen Manchester is Manchester’s leading sustainable catering company. They offer bespoke workshops and events, aligning with their social mission of promoting ethical and sustainable food practices. They provide talks and workshops tailored to groups, covering topics such as food waste, sustainable food choices, and plastic-free living. Lunch and learn sessions combine learning about issues like food waste with a delicious meal. Team building activities include sustainable wine tasting and workshops on creating chutneys, pickles, and preserves. They also offer food waste reducing recipe demonstrations and cookery workshops focused on zero-waste cooking, providing insights into adapting recipes for sustainability.