Over 400 of the world’s leading aerospace engineers will visit Manchester in September 2017 as the city hosts a major international conference in the field of cutting-edge aerospace technology.

The 23rd International Society for Air-breathing Engines (ISABE) Conference takes place 3rd to 8th September 2017 at Manchester Central, hosted by Rolls-Royce and co-hosted by Cranfield University.

The International Society of Air Breathing Engines (ISABE) was formed to further the free exchange, of knowledge in the field of airbreathing propulsion for flight vehicles. Conferences are held every two years, with recent meetings taking place in Phoenix in Arizona, Busan in South Korea and Gothenburg in Sweden.

Conference topics will include all aspects of air-breathing engines for flight propulsion. This covers wide areas of research such as engine and component design, fuel controls and combustion, advanced materials and manufacturing techniques. This conference will also place a strong emphasis on the creation and use of the best technology for sustainable growth in air transportation.

Professor Richard J Parker, Former Director of Research & Technology at Rolls Royce and ISABE President said:

“Propulsion engineering offers extraordinary opportunities and challenges, having contributed hugely to the achievement of superb standards of safety, economy and environment friendliness in modern aviation.

Our industry is fiercely competitive with many world class players in the field, at many levels and in many countries. Simultaneously our industry is also very collaborative. Competitors collaborate in joint programmes covering a wide range of R&D topics and together we all aim at further enhancements in environmental performance and safety.”

Professor Pericles Pilidis, ISABE Vice President and Head of Propulsion Engineering at Cranfield University commented:

The ISABE conference is a great forum to showcase industry trends, key developments, future concepts and ideas. It provides fertile ground for beneficial exchanges between professionals across the globe and we look forward to welcoming delegates to the 2017 ISABE Conference.

Manchester is the perfect location to host the conference, offering world-class convention facilities within a major European cultural, industrial and tourist centre. It is also famous for being the birthplace of Rolls-Royce, following the meeting of Henry Royce and Charles Rolls at the Midland Hotel Manchester on 4th May 1904.

Dr Robert H Smith, Chief Technology Officer at Honeywell Aerospace and past President of ISABE added:

“ISABE is not only bringing communities together from around the world, but also ensuring one of the most pivotal technologies in making the world a tighter, more integrated community – Air Breathing Propulsion – continues to advance and improve.”