New Scientist Live 2022

25th February 2022


Manchester gets ready to host science fans for New Scientist Live festival





·      Mind-Blowing Festival of Ideas that will inspire the next generation of scientists.

·      Visitors from across the UK expected to attend (March 12-13)

·      Global eyes on the city as the festival is live streamed from Manchester Central.

·      Virtual attendees from more than 150 countries registered.

·      More than 40 speakers and 30 exhibitors in ‘game-changing’ scientific activities.


MANCHESTER is getting ready to host the multi-award-winning New Scientist Live festival which arrives in the city for the first time after a successful five year run in London.


Over 9,000 visitors, 40 speakers and 30 exhibitors are expected at the event at Manchester Central on March 12-13, alongside a global audience of thousands registered online.


The first two days, a Saturday and Sunday, are open to all, and the final day, Monday, is dedicated to schools and home learners where people will get the chance to meet the people who are shaping the world of science and technology.


From the fight against climate change and exploring the deep oceans to growing a supermassive black hole, our relationship with artificial intelligence and the mind’s power to impact health and longevity, New Scientist Live will stimulate, challenge and inspire with some of today’s biggest scientific discoveries and ideas.


It will be the first time New Scientist Live has come to Manchester, a world-class hub of scientific and technological learning, research, innovation and industry.


Adrian Newton, commercial and events director of New Scientist Live, said:


“We are bringing to Manchester a mind-blowing festival of ideas and discoveries for anyone curious about science and technology and why it matters. It’s amazing to host this event in Manchester which is, of course, internationally recognised as one of the leading global science and technology hubs.


“The event is aimed at anyone who has an enquiring and inquisitive mind. The unique mix of demonstrations, discussions and interactive experiences will amaze and inspire people. 


“The scientific and technological heritage of Manchester means it’s the perfect location for the world’s greatest science festival." 


Shaun Hinds, CEO of Manchester Central, added: 


“It’s clear from the programme that there will be such a buzz around our venue, as well as the wider Manchester area, as the event gets underway. Added to this, we’re really pleased to be able to offer state-of-the-art digital broadcasting facilities to host this unique event on a global stage; providing a fantastic opportunity to put Manchester on a platform like no other and enabling the audience size to expand immensely as people can attend and view the content online without the need to travel. Events such as this are the lifeblood of our business and we look forward to welcoming delegates very soon.”


Brain and body, the universe, the earth and technology & engineering are the four themes that will run through stimulating talks, interactive performances, workshops and hands-on activities geared towards scientists of all ages.


Talks and discussions will be led by leading academics, entrepreneurs and experts in their field include Radha Boya (Chair of Nanoscience at University of Manchester), Christopher Jackson (Chair in Sustainable Geoscience at the University of Manchester), Dallas Campbell (TV presenter and author) and Jon Chase who is best known for his science ‘raps’ for NASA, BBC and Chester Zoo.


Find out more and get tickets here.