Prof Ali Kashif Bashir

Professor in Networks and Security, Leader, Future Networks Lab, Head, Advanced Cybersecurity Testbed, Manchester Metropolitan University

Prof Ali Kashif Bashir

Prof Ali Kashif Bashir holds the position of Professor of Computer Networks and Cybersecurity at the Manchester Metropolitan University. He is an active member of the Manchester Conference Ambassador Programme, having hosted numerous scientific conferences in Manchester. 

Additionally, Ali serves as the leader of the Future Networks research group, and Future Networks lab, and head of the IoT/Cybersecurity testbed. Throughout his career, Ali has presented more than 45 keynote speeches on an international scale, produced over 300 research articles, and successfully overseen multimillion-dollar projects worldwide. He is also spearheading the cybersecurity pathway of the Centre of Digital Innovation (CDI). His students have won best paper awards, best PhD thesis awards, and several other recognitions. He is particularly interested in using AI algorithms to resolve networks and cybersecurity problems. 

Ali has received several awards and recognitions. He enjoyed honorary and adjunct positions in UK, China, Canada, Middle East, Malaysia, India, and Pakistan. He was listed as IEEE Featured Author in 2021, highly cited 2% researchers by Stanford University 2021 and 2022, shortlisted for Clarivate Highly Cited award 2023. He is AE of over10 international ISI indexed journals including two IEEE Transactions, and Scientific Reports, Nature, and EIC of IEEE Technology, Policy and Ethics, and Journal of Autonomous Intelligence. 

Can you tell us about the conferences that you’ve hosted?   

The annual occurrence of the International Conference on Computing and Communication Networks (ICCCNet-2023) takes place at Manchester Metropolitan University. The inaugural conference was initiated in 2021, and the upcoming event will be the third consecutive one, scheduled on the 17th and 18th of November 2023. The event will showcase the contributions of scientists, academicians, and industry leaders in the field of computing and communication, representing more than 30 countries.  

In the current year, we have received a total of more than 600 submissions of articles, out of which approximately 120 are accepted for publication.  The shortlisted articles will be invited to feature in technology-leading journals such as IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Computer & Electrical Engineering, Elsevier; Expert Systems, Wiley; Computational Intelligence, Springer, and a few more.  

 The conference is promoting Manchester around the globe and highlighting the cultural wealth of academic institutions in the United Kingdom. This year conference is also hosting a special event, Science of Article Writing and Publishing- a program designed for authors with the collaboration of Manchester Met and MDPI, UK.  

What benefits do conferences bring to your organisation, your community and you personally?  

The conference serves a diverse range of purposes, including fostering personal and communal development, facilitating opportunities for networking, knowledge acquisition, and fostering innovative thinking. 

Brand Visibility - It enhances the reputation of Manchester Met. Furthermore, it aids in aligning our strategic ambitions and vision with a broader community. 

Networking Opportunities - The conference provides networking opportunities for scholars from around the world. Additionally, I can facilitate the advancement of our emerging researchers by engaging them in the responsibility of chairing various events and sessions. Conversely, we bestow recognition onto esteemed professors of the country by extending invitations for them to serve as keynote speakers. 

Community Developments - The convergence of scientists, researchers, and industry specialists from diverse geographical locations onto a unified platform fosters a heightened sense of community and collaboration. It facilitates collaborative efforts that result in the exchange of novel ideas to advance scientific knowledge and foster cross-cultural interactions to enhance human welfare. 

Motivation - As an academic faculty member, I consistently prioritize the facilitation of additional opportunities for both my research team and students through establishing connections with scholars located across national borders. This commitment is an integral aspect of my professional responsibilities. Additionally, it aids in the cultivation of leadership and management abilities within the researcher community and Manchester Metropolitan University. Furthermore, I aim to utilize this platform to initiate other endeavours. For instance, during the current year, we have successfully implemented an author training program with the objective of enhancing participants' proficiency in scientific writing. 

What do you consider to be Greater Manchester’s strengths as a conference destination?  

Greater Manchester is a very desirable urban area, ranking second only to London in terms of popularity. It is home to the United Kingdom's second busiest airport. The city's advantageous geographical positioning inside the UK renders it very accessible to both domestic and foreign participants.  The urban area possesses a diverse array of cultural establishments, including museums, galleries, and theatres, which provide conference participants with many prospects for recreational activities and intellectual discovery. 

Greater Manchester is widely recognized as a prominent centre for business and economic activities, hence rendering it an optimal venue for hosting conferences pertaining to several industries. 

The inclusion of esteemed academic institutions such as the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and the University of Salford significantly enhances the city's prominence as a preferred location for conferences, particularly those centred around the themes of innovation, research, and education. 

What support did you receive from Manchester Met’s Conference & Events team and the Manchester Convention Bureau? 

I express gratitude to the Conference & Events staff at Manchester Met for their assistance in coordinating venues and providing guidance on event organization and planning. The Manchester Convention Bureau has assisted with the promotion of our conferences via the website. For our forthcoming events, I intend to collaborate closely with the Manchester Convention Bureau as well as the Manchester Mbassador Programme.